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TES – The Book of Q’amsha

The Book of Q'amsha
Ooookay, so this is not a book for everybody I assume. It’s the anuad I told about time ago, the text was done but I needed to find time to make the illustrations. Those who’ve read many TES books may think I’ve smoked the Mysterium Xarxes stuffed with the Lessons of Vivec I guess
Actually the Q’amsha is some sort of weird little tribe composed of characters “who have changed” along an irl RP session of several months, few months ago. Raton was a rat that was changed into a young Dunmer after eating bits of the “Great Mushroom of the Dremora-mer” (you can lol).
I played his role and at some point had to tell his vision of the anuad and this book is almost exactly what I improvised, I just detailed a little more the part about Mythic Dawn and made the part about Alduin more clear after playing Skyrim few hours.
For total improvisation I think it’s not bad XD


Light Brother looks and stops Dark Brother as he’s about to kill Creation again.
“This is Nirh and I give her my perfecting love for love is the miss.”
“You do not understand, Creation is my love for Creation is me. That is why I will destroy it again and give it birth again for that is how I love.”
The truth was so strong though that even rightly born the Dragon of Time is wounded and from this wound his love is spilled as his first son is born, the Devouring Time bearing the original will of Dark Brother, the Dark Hour that revolves itself endlessly like the spinning serpent.
[…] (yes, these are Akatosh and Alduin)
But the Khajiit did not fit perfectly in the Earth Bones and their shape was unstable.
“Not this mistake again,” Lorkhan said. “Change is a good thing. The Earth Bones are too tight for the cat people so I will give them my bones. Look how I walk and follow me, on the tip of your toes or on flat foot as I do, with all your mass weighting strong on the ground or swift dexterity to stand up with a perfect balance.” And so the Khajiit would look like Lorkhan walked.
Lorkhan was then mortal and his body was torn and crumpled into balls of flesh that became the moons. But one of the Aedra had come to love Lorkhan with whom she had many children that were the men of the North. It was Kyne that became the sky where she could lull the moons at night.


A Dish Better Served Cold

The more news we get about Skyrim, the more the excitement grows. After reading Game Informer’s article Skyrim: Building Better Combat System I was fueled with energy again and decided to try out a series of fanarts and fanfictions focusing on the new features of the game.

After a first fanart inspired by the Dragon Shouts and the lyrics of Sons of Skyrim theme song, here comes a first fiction in the form of a drabble of the kind of books found in the games.


A Dish Better Served Cold
by Tovas Indalor

[…] “This land is property of Morrowind now?” Gaenlin laughed.
“Since yesterday, the Nords got drunk after their last victory and we couldn’t not to strike back and mess up the party…” Draven rolled his eyes. “And so, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to never put a foot back in Morrowind…”
Gaenlin’s smile vanished at these words. “How that?”
Draven’s smirk got wider. “Don’t you remember? It was the only way to spare your pretty treacherous face…”
The Bosmer struggled a moment to find his words. “…It was about thirty years ago! I know I shouldn’t have cheated on you and the rest of the band, but time has passed…”
The Dunmer kept still but Gaenlin could see in his firing eyes that the elf wasn’t over with this story. […]

(click the image above to read the story)