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TFA – Weaver

Here is the first part of the book I did for my final year exam, translated from French to English. I suggest you to read with a 2 pages view, don’t hesitate to download to access the bookmarks. I only release the first part for the second part is quite a huge pack of text in comparison! I’ll need a bit more time to translate it as well… I wanted to share nonetheless what I’ve done so far.

I am a little sad though to face, through translation, that English has way more restricted vocabulary on some points than French but it also made me realize that all those stories were written in the same few days and it can be felt in some redundant topic revolving around light, water, enlightenment, finding a meaning to life, a goal… Hmm…

I hope you enjoy anyway!

…And I must add special thanks to my mother who paid the printing and helped me to make the book’s box, it wouldn’t have looked so neat if she hadn’t been there!


Gargoyles (English)

When you’re reduced to spit water in a fountain, how’s life going on?

Do gargoyles have a heart of stone?
Are their feelings frozen in rock?

Going with the time and the flow what remains when the centuries come as the seasons one after the other?
Can they keep the memory of the cloudy reflections they contemplate at each hour?
Can they see the distorted images of the childish faces leaning over the water to observe them?
Beside them we’re never old, frozen in the rock they’re eternal.

Still and impassive they seem to await the moments we won’t see,
And keep the secret of those we’ve never seen.
Stolen kisses and intimate confession before those silent guards,
Wishes pronounced with the sound of a coin in the water.
Precious things repeating over and over without being alike,
Impalpable treasure for unsuspected dragons.
White as lightning slashing the sky
Quick as snow falling so shy
So soft and so sharp
So still but so silent
…Won’t you wake up?
Laying like the time froze
…Won’t you wake up?
Waiting while the wind cries

Light as a kiss
Wounding me loud
Darling you closed your eyes
Darling where are you gone?