You can contact me by mail at isaac.fosty (at) Gmail (dot) com
or Skype me:

However all I ask you is to introduce yourself and give me a reason to accept you as contact, eventually tell how you found me so I don’t freak out, think you’re a spam bot trying to enlarge my pen0rz and junk you straight on.

Status: I am currently working on several projects and I’m overbooked.

I found out during chat sessions with clients that the same questions come over and over and days of work are often lost on both sides as I ask questions, client takes time to figure out the answer and so on…
Thus I created this form, here, to try to get to the essential asap and spare the time of everybody. It may not be perfect yet but it should yet help a lot =) If you wish to hire me (especially if you’re an indie) don’t hesitate to fill up the form, it’s not gonna eat you.