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Dunmer tactics of guerilla
[upate: pdf is up, excerpt below!]

I’m really thrilled by Skyrim though I haven’t played for over a week… I am so thrilled that I need to write and I want to take the time to enjoy the game slowly and fully. Also I’m on my internship and so I’m quite tired when I get back home at night. But I’m working on video games so I can’t complain!
I have several TES books in waiting to be proofread one last time before submission. For this first one I owe a lot to my girlfriend for the RP session we had setting in the middle of the war between Morrowind and Black Marsh after the Oblivion Crisis, it was a lot of fun and it inspired me a lot. I quickly came with this story, characters and it was done. I hope you enjoy as much as I had fun writing this.


“We should fight,” I said after drinking maybe a bit too much Sujamma that night.
“You are c-crazy, Sethyn, let’s leave the fight to Houses Indoril and Redoran…”
“You are the crazy one, Nerril, if you think they can defend us.There was already hardly a handful left of them since the civil war, the Oblivion crisis about wiped the Redoran and I won’t talk about the Argonians. The armed arm of Morrowind is no more.”
“Damn those lizards! When you think we fought that civil war because of them already! Damn Helseth and his trade ban to Oblivion! If Khajiits ever join in they’d better bring some moon sugar along!” Roran spat.
Maybe it was that drop of Skooma we droped in the bottle but I suddenly had an idea.
“Say, Roran, you’re good at conjuration, right?”
“Quite so, yes… Azura…”
“Yes, taught you the way in dream, spare us your story again. So you can conjure some Daedra, right? The ones that fly.”
He nodded. “Winged Twilights.”
“I’ve heard about the weird trees of the Argonians, trees that can move, I’ve heard they gathered along the border again. They say they’re leading the Argonians or stuff like that. Maybe that’s some invention of Sheogorath to trick us but what about we try to bypass those stupid lizards and attack directly the trees? You know what they say, it’s better to cut the evil at root…”
We all laughed until they realized I was serious despite the joke.


TFA – Weaver

Here is the first part of the book I did for my final year exam, translated from French to English. I suggest you to read with a 2 pages view, don’t hesitate to download to access the bookmarks. I only release the first part for the second part is quite a huge pack of text in comparison! I’ll need a bit more time to translate it as well… I wanted to share nonetheless what I’ve done so far.

I am a little sad though to face, through translation, that English has way more restricted vocabulary on some points than French but it also made me realize that all those stories were written in the same few days and it can be felt in some redundant topic revolving around light, water, enlightenment, finding a meaning to life, a goal… Hmm…

I hope you enjoy anyway!

…And I must add special thanks to my mother who paid the printing and helped me to make the book’s box, it wouldn’t have looked so neat if she hadn’t been there!

TES – Children of Shame

Children of Shame

This book was inspired by the different hints about crossbreeding found in Morrowind and Oblivion. I’m really planning to make a book mod when Skyrim is released (I’m saving book textures as you can see XD). I wouldn’t be against making it with other TES fan writers to produce more books at once…=)


Children of Shame
by Felix Beauciel

[…] But let’s get back to love, for love is not only about making love. I won’t dissert about the matter for it is already splendidly documented in all styles of writing, especially here in Bretonia. In society lovers usually marry and form a family and that is common thing. However that is true thing for people of a same kind. Marrying a member of another specie is just terribly seen and nearly impossible.


“I am a Breton, I am son of man and mer,”I told Tsahnarra, “there’s a taboo and like other taboos there must exist people who did cross its limits.”
“There shouldn’t be incest according to most but it exists indeed,” Tsahnarra laughed. “Go to Morrowind, it will be hard but you can find the most terrible answers over there, I am sure.”
I looked at her in disbelief, hoping I wasn’t guessing her thoughts. “I will not.”
“Of course you will for you are so curious, Tsahnarra knows,” she ensured. […]

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TES 3 – Var Var Var II

Sequel to Var Var Var – Book I. After the Khajiits got freed the life goes on in Ebonheart.
Regarding the illustrations the style evolves to reflect the new quality of life.


Var Var Var – Book II
by S’ahara

[…]M’ahara took the name of S’ahara for now she was a mother, and after all she had been into she was not a young Khajiit anymore but a mature adult. To this son she loved with all her heart she gave the name J’aiq. The mere fact of seeing him filled her with the greatest bliss for he was her son and Kumara’s son.[…]

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TES 3 – Var Var Var I

I wrote this TES fanfiction in French first, something like one year ago and decided to translate it. Formated as an Elder Scrolls book it looks quite long but actually it’s only 5 pages long plus the illustrations! =D
The story sets in Morrowind and is written from a Khajiit female’s point of view. The first book is mostly about slavery in the mines of Caldera, the 3 other books of the series will come as I translate them.
Regarding the illustrations I kept the style quite naive and primitive and tried to make the drawings look a bit like they were carved in wood with feline claws. …Do you remember a note from the foremen threatening the Khajiit slaves who would scratch the furniture?


Var Var Var – Book I
by M’ahara

[…] M’ahara didn’t like this. She yet started to miss her home of Elsweyr. Now there was no more sand under her feet, only black earth, hard and dirty, melting into mud as the sky cries, staining her fur and sticking under her claws.
“Don’t be this sad…” one of the dark elves told M’ahara. “If it can make you feel better I’m offering you this bracelet of mine.” – As he said this the other elves laughed and the Khajiit thought maybe Dunmer had some sort of humor in the end.
“And don’t worry, everybody will get one…” The Dunmer added as he took some bracelets out of a bag. The jewels shone like nacre under the sun and M’ahara couldn’t help but shiver with envy. Of course no Khajiit was to refuse these gifts and all laid one of those marvels on the silky fur of their wrists. […]

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A Dish Better Served Cold

The more news we get about Skyrim, the more the excitement grows. After reading Game Informer’s article Skyrim: Building Better Combat System I was fueled with energy again and decided to try out a series of fanarts and fanfictions focusing on the new features of the game.

After a first fanart inspired by the Dragon Shouts and the lyrics of Sons of Skyrim theme song, here comes a first fiction in the form of a drabble of the kind of books found in the games.


A Dish Better Served Cold
by Tovas Indalor

[…] “This land is property of Morrowind now?” Gaenlin laughed.
“Since yesterday, the Nords got drunk after their last victory and we couldn’t not to strike back and mess up the party…” Draven rolled his eyes. “And so, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to never put a foot back in Morrowind…”
Gaenlin’s smile vanished at these words. “How that?”
Draven’s smirk got wider. “Don’t you remember? It was the only way to spare your pretty treacherous face…”
The Bosmer struggled a moment to find his words. “…It was about thirty years ago! I know I shouldn’t have cheated on you and the rest of the band, but time has passed…”
The Dunmer kept still but Gaenlin could see in his firing eyes that the elf wasn’t over with this story. […]

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AdS – Glorious

Part 1 – Starting Up
Part 2 – Ordeals
Part 3 – Beside Battlefields
Part 4 -Costa Libre
Part 5 – Life in Midgar
Part 6 – The Man in Kalm
Part 7 – Mideelian Ecology

…next parts to be published

Glorious for Alive-de Seven, part of the trilogy focusing on the Turks.
I listened a lot to Cowboy Bebop’s OST while working on Glorious and it somehow influenced me as I pictured a video opening based on the song Glorious by Andreas Johnson (I just love to imagine videos on music since my early teen years). The first sequences would have been monochrome static shots (reference) so I decided to use this inspiration for the cover of the fic.

I drew Tseng, Rude, Reno and Veld and not Elena for the fanfiction begins a good decade before the game so it is very lately that Elena appears in it. I cared for the color I gave to each character as you can consider they have a little importance in the fic, especially for Tseng and Reno. They’re minor details but those characters are being depicted as each other’s opposite, just as green and red are opposite colors and these colors are also reflected in their background (a direct reference is found in part 2, chapter 12).

Note that this fanfiction should be rated PG-13 at least for violence, quite rude language, sexual topics including homo AND heterosexuality. This fic was also intended for the FF7 fanfics readers, it’s to say, mostly girls XD

Key of the Twilight for Alive-de Seven, first part of the trilogy focusing on the JENOVA Project.
The cover represents Hojo as a young scientist and JENOVA. I believe she looked more like a Cetra when Gast found her and took a little time to degenerate, partly because of the experiments Gast and Hojo did on her when they found out she wasn’t a Cetra. The iron mask was then added to avoid a maximum of contacts of any kind with her, visual contact, physical contact etc… as it was considered too dangerous.
This picture is based on a famous scene from the game that fans may recognize, I did it on purpose to create some sort of déjà vu, different character, different time, same fascination.

This fanfiction isn’t very long, only 14 short chapters.

Gargoyles (English)

When you’re reduced to spit water in a fountain, how’s life going on?

Do gargoyles have a heart of stone?
Are their feelings frozen in rock?

Going with the time and the flow what remains when the centuries come as the seasons one after the other?
Can they keep the memory of the cloudy reflections they contemplate at each hour?
Can they see the distorted images of the childish faces leaning over the water to observe them?
Beside them we’re never old, frozen in the rock they’re eternal.

Still and impassive they seem to await the moments we won’t see,
And keep the secret of those we’ve never seen.
Stolen kisses and intimate confession before those silent guards,
Wishes pronounced with the sound of a coin in the water.
Precious things repeating over and over without being alike,
Impalpable treasure for unsuspected dragons.
White as lightning slashing the sky
Quick as snow falling so shy
So soft and so sharp
So still but so silent
…Won’t you wake up?
Laying like the time froze
…Won’t you wake up?
Waiting while the wind cries

Light as a kiss
Wounding me loud
Darling you closed your eyes
Darling where are you gone?