Sakin the Dwemer Smith
This book is the sequel of Sakin the Ash Smith


3E204 Sun’s Height
I don’t understand! It’s frustrating! I’ve found a similar piece in all those machines including that detector device but I don’t get what it does. It seems to have no effect, removing it doesn’t change anything… But there must be a purpose… I shall find out.

I hope there’s a forge in the next room. All that Dwemer stuff is frustrating me, I feel like my rats in their cage except that they have company of their kind and seem to enjoy life as they fuck each other all day long. I’m so alone… I’m upset, I can’t bear their sight today. I miss Eli, I miss my father, I miss the tribe… I want to go home and I hate those horrible creatures outside!

Azura, please, hear my prayers! I can’t spend all my life here! Please, please… Make those monsters go away so I can get out…