Here’s my first writing tutorial, rather intended for beginners but I think it can be useful to slightly experienced writers as well. Note that the PDF is bookmarked so you don’t have to lose time scrolling up and down or searching for pages (they’re not numbered).

It is divided into three main parts: creativity, theory and practice.
It proposes different methods to channel creativity, some are well-known, others aren’t.
The theory part is more about shaping a plot out of the creative elements you got.
And the last part is more general about writing with some advice to channel inspiration and such advice.

I made this tutorial in hope it’ll be useful to some and I’m sure it will since it’s lighter than writing books but still has good advice in it.
It also gives an idea of the way I work on most of my stories since this tuto is mostly based on my experience, what I’ve been taught, what I came up to on my own… I’m sharing it.