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Amber to the Water – Animatic

Amber to the Water – animatic from Isaac Fosty on Vimeo.

This is the animatic for my final exam in animation this year. I’m aware of the compression issues, I didn’t have quicktime already and I was too lazy to redo proper mov exports of each animated part while this is only an animatic for school.
Music will be added later on.

This is my first animatic ever, I made it to check the sequences I had storyboarded for this video were fitting on the music. As I began storyboarding by reflex, like I often do, the first drawings are a bit crappy for I drew them really small (a 600dpi scan couldn’t help). I hope I’ll find the time and energy to carry on this project and come up with a neat result.
This video project is intended to be part of the fanfiction series Alive-de Seven, showing Sephiroth’s vision of the Nibelheim slaughter that was mostly an illusion to him as he was somehow manipulated by JENOVA. The wonderful song RAIN from Cowboy Bebop’s OST really striked me as I listened to the lyrics. I spent a lot of time picturing this video in mind while listening to the music until the day I finally decided to draw a storyboard in hope to share the vision.