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AdS – Glorious

Part 1 – Starting Up
Part 2 – Ordeals
Part 3 – Beside Battlefields
Part 4 -Costa Libre
Part 5 – Life in Midgar
Part 6 – The Man in Kalm
Part 7 – Mideelian Ecology

…next parts to be published

Glorious for Alive-de Seven, part of the trilogy focusing on the Turks.
I listened a lot to Cowboy Bebop’s OST while working on Glorious and it somehow influenced me as I pictured a video opening based on the song Glorious by Andreas Johnson (I just love to imagine videos on music since my early teen years). The first sequences would have been monochrome static shots (reference) so I decided to use this inspiration for the cover of the fic.

I drew Tseng, Rude, Reno and Veld and not Elena for the fanfiction begins a good decade before the game so it is very lately that Elena appears in it. I cared for the color I gave to each character as you can consider they have a little importance in the fic, especially for Tseng and Reno. They’re minor details but those characters are being depicted as each other’s opposite, just as green and red are opposite colors and these colors are also reflected in their background (a direct reference is found in part 2, chapter 12).

Note that this fanfiction should be rated PG-13 at least for violence, quite rude language, sexual topics including homo AND heterosexuality. This fic was also intended for the FF7 fanfics readers, it’s to say, mostly girls XD


Key of the Twilight for Alive-de Seven, first part of the trilogy focusing on the JENOVA Project.
The cover represents Hojo as a young scientist and JENOVA. I believe she looked more like a Cetra when Gast found her and took a little time to degenerate, partly because of the experiments Gast and Hojo did on her when they found out she wasn’t a Cetra. The iron mask was then added to avoid a maximum of contacts of any kind with her, visual contact, physical contact etc… as it was considered too dangerous.
This picture is based on a famous scene from the game that fans may recognize, I did it on purpose to create some sort of déjà vu, different character, different time, same fascination.

This fanfiction isn’t very long, only 14 short chapters.

About AdS
Currently AdS is a FF7fiction trilogy in-progress. The 3 fics, Key of the Twilight, Ask DNA and Glorious, focus respectively on the JENOVA Project, on Sephiroth’s life and on the Turks’ lives. I decided to dig the universe of FF7 deeply for this project not just because I love doing it but also to show I can think about a world in many details and make this fanfiction part of my portfolio. I’m not fearing art thievery or such this way, who’d steal a fanfiction? That would be so lame.

The logo is based on FF7’s logo and looks like a blood splatter for blood is often considered as the fluid of life. The splatter conveys an idea of violence of course but this trilogy surely has violence, pain and suffering in it seeing the events and characters it is about. Also some consider the pain, both physical and mental, is what makes us feel alive and actually I think it’s not all wrong.

Key of the Twilight
Part relating the JENOVA
Project’s events, why Hojo, Lucrecia and Vincent were chosen, how the things went on (story supplied with my theories upon the different experimentations), the way to group insanity until the birth of Sephiroth, the Lucrecia and Vincent “cases”, and what happened back to Midgar. The title is picked from a song in .Hack’s 1st OST, by See-Saw.)[achieved fanfiction]

Currently this fic focuses on Sephiroth’s life. Ever wondered what it could be like to be raised by folks such as Hojo and Gast?
How an innocent child becomes a villain? Is the man a monster or still human beyond Mako and Jenova?

The “main” fic, centered on the Turks (next gen, it’s to say Tseng, Reno, Rude…), with apparitions of many others charas (from the game and minor OCs). The title is picked from the song of the same name (let’s say the one from Nutella ad clip though there will be no Turks eating Nutella featured in the fic)

This is my first animatic ever, I made it to check the sequences I had storyboarded for this video were fitting on the music. As I began storyboarding by reflex, like I often do, the first drawings are a bit crappy for I drew them really small (a 600dpi scan couldn’t help). I hope I’ll find the time and energy to carry on this project and come up with a neat result.
This video project is intended to be part of the fanfiction series Alive-de Seven, showing Sephiroth’s vision of the Nibelheim slaughter that was mostly an illusion to him as he was somehow manipulated by JENOVA. The wonderful song RAIN from Cowboy Bebop’s OST really striked me as I listened to the lyrics. I spent a lot of time picturing this video in mind while listening to the music until the day I finally decided to draw a storyboard in hope to share the vision.