My name is Isaac and I was born on 1988, June the 3rd, in Lille, France.

Raised in the love of books and art within a family counting a growing number of artists, it was very naturally that, as soon as school allowed it to me, I focused my studies on literature and artistic classes.  Very confident in the future I wanted for myself I tried to find the quickest way to the jobs of my dreams, Writer for the game and animation industries, maybe for movies as well, and Artistic Director.

As I knew the fastest way isn’t always about following a direct path I decided to push my luck by following video game studies, to learn the technical aspect of game making and make this a plus in plot design. Also good writing books can be better than academic teachers.
This is how I ended at the Haute École Albert Jacquard, in Namur, Belgium, studying classes given by professional artists such as François DeBue, Michael Defroyennes or Franck Sauer.
Currently I’m following illustration and animation classes, still in the same school and with still the same motivation of learning more and more about the jobs of the people I hope to work with someday.

A special talent I have beside writing and creativity is the ability to cheer up and fuel people around me with energy. Okay, it may sound cheesy, right, but actually it’s not that crappy.
Everywhere I went along my life I met people who had bits of artistic talents but weren’t daring to go further in their works or had a block. I pushed them all to dare pretending they were artists or break their block. Often by doing nothing but being there. Guess that when I take the time to really criticize the works and try to see how to improve them the energy is even stronger (and the results as well).

I’ve also found out that I easily get the theory of many things, like understanding the advantages and drawbacks of hardware architecture of video game consoles, what can be done with programmation and such. I’m actually not terrific at making something great out of this in practice but when working in synergy with a skilled technician I can bring ingenious concepts to solve problems as a fresh look over things is sometimes just what’s needed after all.

Don’t hesitate to check out my resume: