Sakin the Dwemer Smith
This book is the sequel of Sakin the Dwemer Smith, the first book is Sakin the Ash Smith.

There’s a little drawing at the end of the book and more to come in the next one :) I really like the lines of Ralas, it was great to write and I hope you enjoy.


3E214 First Seed
I’ve found a rather safe spot. I’m still shocked. Very much so. I was in the stronghold, searching. A true labyrinth! I got completely lost, everything looked the same and I felt like running in circles again and again so I tried to get down some stairs for I thought maybe I climbed some stairs and didn’t remember it. I thought I remembered there were stairs involved at some point. Down there it was even more or a labyrinth and I couldn’t find where I came from. I’m so stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Sakin!


“Only our lord, Dagoth Ur is true as he always was, loyal Dagoth Ur.”
“It’s the one that lives in the volcano, somewhere atop the Red Mountain. It’s your lord now?”
“I heard his voice, Sakin. He spoke to me, he gave me comfort and opened my eyes to the reality of this world. All is inversed. The chairs are on the tables. The Tribunal is evil and the dream is real. The false gods will fall while he rises.