Telvanni Sweets
This book is written by Felix Beauciel, the fictive author of Children of Shame and gives an insight on the cultural and noble aspect of slavery in Morrowind seen by a Telvanni House Dunmer.
It was a lot of fun to write and I love the Telvanni, they’re so twisted…


“Milah prepared some sweets,” he simply said as we sat in the living room.
I gave him a nervous smile. “The sweets that you told me not to eat the other day… what was the problem with them?”
“They were poisoned of course. It wouldn’t have killed you but you would have been terribly sick…”
“Did I do something she didn’t appreciate? I’ve never talked to her directly, did it make her mad?”
He gave me a slightly amused look with the perfect amount of disdain and sorryness to make me feel absolutely stupid.
“I guess this question is irrelevant… non-sense?”
“It is. You’re such a funny thing, Felix… Milah is a slave, she has no word to say and what she did could be a terrible insult and act of rebellion. But it is not.”
“Was it a mistake, so?”
“Oh, you really don’t understand? She poisoned the sweets and that’s all, those things happen…”
I wasn’t understanding indeed. “But she’s your slave… and she poisoned the food we were going to eat… What was the purpose if not to kill us?”