Sakin the Dwemer Smith
This book is the sequel of Sakin the Dwemer Smith, the first book is Sakin the Ash Smith.

I must warn you, there are few illustrations in this book and one is supposedly explicit and mature content.


3E208 Frostfall
Something very strange happened with the radio-wave detector. It was buzzing again and I tweaked a little the buttons to put make it do the right sound again but in spite of the drunk Silt Rider sound I started to hear scratchy noises. And something sounding like voices. I freaked out a little and dared ask a question to the device. It was something like this:
“Are you the voice I hear speaking in that wicked language?”
It answered after a little time. “In which realm are you?” it said.
“Morrowind, I guess. The land of my Dunmer ancestors I’d say. Who are you for the sake of Azura? Will you damn leave me alone at night?”
It took a little time again. “Who are you?” I wondered if it was some sort of echo.
“I’m Sakin Odinsar-Tibashipal. Does it matter? Will you stop your freaky talking?”
“Is that you who’s messing the communications?” It asked. It then said lots of stuff I didn’t understand apart “radio-waves”.