Another Book of Daedra
This is the first book of the story of Sakin Odinsar-Tibashipal, the Dunmer Ashlander blacksmith. It’s beginning prior to the events of Morrowind (and all other previous TES games actually), it’s a quite fun adventure written int he form of diaries.


3E203 Frostfall
The wise woman told me I should care about what I write in this diary in case it’s found by an outsider. So I won’t talk about the tribe.
The other day I went to Ashurnabitashpi with Elirabael, my best friend. We found a clanfear and killed it then took its claws. I’ll make pretty pendants with them. I like making jewelry time to time. In the ruin I tried to mine the walls a bit. Elirabael says it’s useless because even if I can cut a piece of Daedric stone off the wall I can’t melt it. I say it must be possible with a fire hot enough. I’ve heard there’s hot fire in Dwemer ruins so one day I’ll take a piece of Daedric stone to a Dwemer ruin and I’ll show them it’s possible.

3E203 Evening Star
It took time but I finally got that piece of Daedric stone! It’s not huge but I’m sure there’s enough to make a blade. Elirabael says I’m crazy but he still came with me everyday. He says it was just because he likes sneaking and backstabing the Daedra but I know he believes in me. That’s how we are. Manly friends.