Wild but not savage elves
[upate: pdf is up, excerpt below!]

Actually I think this book is the first I wrote since I began playing Skyrim… It’s about the Ayleid of course, the wild elves. I wrote this book in a single dash, very quickly but came with the theories inside during a RP session that lasted for a good time. There was lots lots of improvisation during the play but things just fit together on their own I guess. I hope you enjoy, I had a lot of fun writing this, especially since the character of Leon Vilmont isn’t as brave in life than he is with his quill (you know that kind of “shit happens” person?). Leon is part of the +200 characters I had to come up for this few months RP session and I really like him.

The text is a little long, barely formated like this, sorry… I used to make clean pdf. Then I took an arrow in the knee.
Next to come: another anuad and a series about male High Rock witches (vampires included) and another book of Daedra! And more again…


To begin with I will say simply that most scholars who study the Ayleids are idiots, and the ones who are surprised that so few information can be found about them, are twice this idiot. The only lesson my father actually taught me would resume this simply: History is written by the winners and men were the winners after Alessia led the rebellion that drove out the elves up to the foundation of our great and beloved Empire. Sadly back then humans were as stupid as most still are in some places I won’t name and they merely destroyed about everything that could give us any clue about the Ayleid civilisation they so loathed. They kept only what seemed good to them, they took the White Gold Tower, they settled their quarters in what was now the Imperial City, unaware of the might of the place, never even minding about the purpose of such a construction…
We figured out that the large stones that would raise to crush anything up the ceiling and the pierced ones that would descend to impale anything on spikes weren’t trigger as much by the pressure of weight but that of magical energy. So to say, anything alive or undead. If such a being ever walked on the trap their own energy would disturb the energy field of the trap and trigger it. You could compare those stones to the arrow hold by the archer as the bow is banded. If you tickle the archer at this precise moment — which I do not recommend just as I do not recommend walking into any trap; then the archer will likely let go the arrow. Note that eventually he’ll also get mad and beat you while the Ayleid trap has no such concerns.