Dunmer tactics of guerilla
[upate: pdf is up, excerpt below!]

I’m really thrilled by Skyrim though I haven’t played for over a week… I am so thrilled that I need to write and I want to take the time to enjoy the game slowly and fully. Also I’m on my internship and so I’m quite tired when I get back home at night. But I’m working on video games so I can’t complain!
I have several TES books in waiting to be proofread one last time before submission. For this first one I owe a lot to my girlfriend for the RP session we had setting in the middle of the war between Morrowind and Black Marsh after the Oblivion Crisis, it was a lot of fun and it inspired me a lot. I quickly came with this story, characters and it was done. I hope you enjoy as much as I had fun writing this.


“We should fight,” I said after drinking maybe a bit too much Sujamma that night.
“You are c-crazy, Sethyn, let’s leave the fight to Houses Indoril and Redoran…”
“You are the crazy one, Nerril, if you think they can defend us.There was already hardly a handful left of them since the civil war, the Oblivion crisis about wiped the Redoran and I won’t talk about the Argonians. The armed arm of Morrowind is no more.”
“Damn those lizards! When you think we fought that civil war because of them already! Damn Helseth and his trade ban to Oblivion! If Khajiits ever join in they’d better bring some moon sugar along!” Roran spat.
Maybe it was that drop of Skooma we droped in the bottle but I suddenly had an idea.
“Say, Roran, you’re good at conjuration, right?”
“Quite so, yes… Azura…”
“Yes, taught you the way in dream, spare us your story again. So you can conjure some Daedra, right? The ones that fly.”
He nodded. “Winged Twilights.”
“I’ve heard about the weird trees of the Argonians, trees that can move, I’ve heard they gathered along the border again. They say they’re leading the Argonians or stuff like that. Maybe that’s some invention of Sheogorath to trick us but what about we try to bypass those stupid lizards and attack directly the trees? You know what they say, it’s better to cut the evil at root…”
We all laughed until they realized I was serious despite the joke.