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TES – Telvanni Sweets

Telvanni Sweets
This book is written by Felix Beauciel, the fictive author of Children of Shame and gives an insight on the cultural and noble aspect of slavery in Morrowind seen by a Telvanni House Dunmer.
It was a lot of fun to write and I love the Telvanni, they’re so twisted…


“Milah prepared some sweets,” he simply said as we sat in the living room.
I gave him a nervous smile. “The sweets that you told me not to eat the other day… what was the problem with them?”
“They were poisoned of course. It wouldn’t have killed you but you would have been terribly sick…”
“Did I do something she didn’t appreciate? I’ve never talked to her directly, did it make her mad?”
He gave me a slightly amused look with the perfect amount of disdain and sorryness to make me feel absolutely stupid.
“I guess this question is irrelevant… non-sense?”
“It is. You’re such a funny thing, Felix… Milah is a slave, she has no word to say and what she did could be a terrible insult and act of rebellion. But it is not.”
“Was it a mistake, so?”
“Oh, you really don’t understand? She poisoned the sweets and that’s all, those things happen…”
I wasn’t understanding indeed. “But she’s your slave… and she poisoned the food we were going to eat… What was the purpose if not to kill us?”


TES – Another Book of Daedra

Another Book of Daedra
You can read below what’s the aim of this book, in short it’s with not surprise a book about the 16 Daedra princes. This is again a production from that RP session, I’m not telling it’s entirely canon but I think it’s still a vision matching the lore.


You probably already know the wondrous Book of Daedra describing the spheres of the Daedra princes and maybe you think this present book is a rip off. Not exactly I would say. This book is also about the Daedra princes and their spheres but the focus is more on the “why” than on the “who and what”.
To begin I will remind you first what Daedric planes are: Daedra princes themselves. There is no real difference between the prince and the realm, neither between the prince and any lesser Daedra. They are all a same energetic entity divided in different aspects, what we call the prince is the concept governing this energy. So when you conjure a Daedroth you’re actually inviting a little piece of Molag Bal on Tamriel.

The Book of Q'amsha
Ooookay, so this is not a book for everybody I assume. It’s the anuad I told about time ago, the text was done but I needed to find time to make the illustrations. Those who’ve read many TES books may think I’ve smoked the Mysterium Xarxes stuffed with the Lessons of Vivec I guess
Actually the Q’amsha is some sort of weird little tribe composed of characters “who have changed” along an irl RP session of several months, few months ago. Raton was a rat that was changed into a young Dunmer after eating bits of the “Great Mushroom of the Dremora-mer” (you can lol).
I played his role and at some point had to tell his vision of the anuad and this book is almost exactly what I improvised, I just detailed a little more the part about Mythic Dawn and made the part about Alduin more clear after playing Skyrim few hours.
For total improvisation I think it’s not bad XD


Light Brother looks and stops Dark Brother as he’s about to kill Creation again.
“This is Nirh and I give her my perfecting love for love is the miss.”
“You do not understand, Creation is my love for Creation is me. That is why I will destroy it again and give it birth again for that is how I love.”
The truth was so strong though that even rightly born the Dragon of Time is wounded and from this wound his love is spilled as his first son is born, the Devouring Time bearing the original will of Dark Brother, the Dark Hour that revolves itself endlessly like the spinning serpent.
[…] (yes, these are Akatosh and Alduin)
But the Khajiit did not fit perfectly in the Earth Bones and their shape was unstable.
“Not this mistake again,” Lorkhan said. “Change is a good thing. The Earth Bones are too tight for the cat people so I will give them my bones. Look how I walk and follow me, on the tip of your toes or on flat foot as I do, with all your mass weighting strong on the ground or swift dexterity to stand up with a perfect balance.” And so the Khajiit would look like Lorkhan walked.
Lorkhan was then mortal and his body was torn and crumpled into balls of flesh that became the moons. But one of the Aedra had come to love Lorkhan with whom she had many children that were the men of the North. It was Kyne that became the sky where she could lull the moons at night.

Sakin the Dwemer Smith
This book is the sequel of Sakin the Dwemer Smith, the first book is Sakin the Ash Smith.

I must warn you, there are few illustrations in this book and one is supposedly explicit and mature content.


3E208 Frostfall
Something very strange happened with the radio-wave detector. It was buzzing again and I tweaked a little the buttons to put make it do the right sound again but in spite of the drunk Silt Rider sound I started to hear scratchy noises. And something sounding like voices. I freaked out a little and dared ask a question to the device. It was something like this:
“Are you the voice I hear speaking in that wicked language?”
It answered after a little time. “In which realm are you?” it said.
“Morrowind, I guess. The land of my Dunmer ancestors I’d say. Who are you for the sake of Azura? Will you damn leave me alone at night?”
It took a little time again. “Who are you?” I wondered if it was some sort of echo.
“I’m Sakin Odinsar-Tibashipal. Does it matter? Will you stop your freaky talking?”
“Is that you who’s messing the communications?” It asked. It then said lots of stuff I didn’t understand apart “radio-waves”.

Sakin the Dwemer Smith
This book is the sequel of Sakin the Ash Smith


3E204 Sun’s Height
I don’t understand! It’s frustrating! I’ve found a similar piece in all those machines including that detector device but I don’t get what it does. It seems to have no effect, removing it doesn’t change anything… But there must be a purpose… I shall find out.

I hope there’s a forge in the next room. All that Dwemer stuff is frustrating me, I feel like my rats in their cage except that they have company of their kind and seem to enjoy life as they fuck each other all day long. I’m so alone… I’m upset, I can’t bear their sight today. I miss Eli, I miss my father, I miss the tribe… I want to go home and I hate those horrible creatures outside!

Azura, please, hear my prayers! I can’t spend all my life here! Please, please… Make those monsters go away so I can get out…

Another Book of Daedra
This is the first book of the story of Sakin Odinsar-Tibashipal, the Dunmer Ashlander blacksmith. It’s beginning prior to the events of Morrowind (and all other previous TES games actually), it’s a quite fun adventure written int he form of diaries.


3E203 Frostfall
The wise woman told me I should care about what I write in this diary in case it’s found by an outsider. So I won’t talk about the tribe.
The other day I went to Ashurnabitashpi with Elirabael, my best friend. We found a clanfear and killed it then took its claws. I’ll make pretty pendants with them. I like making jewelry time to time. In the ruin I tried to mine the walls a bit. Elirabael says it’s useless because even if I can cut a piece of Daedric stone off the wall I can’t melt it. I say it must be possible with a fire hot enough. I’ve heard there’s hot fire in Dwemer ruins so one day I’ll take a piece of Daedric stone to a Dwemer ruin and I’ll show them it’s possible.

3E203 Evening Star
It took time but I finally got that piece of Daedric stone! It’s not huge but I’m sure there’s enough to make a blade. Elirabael says I’m crazy but he still came with me everyday. He says it was just because he likes sneaking and backstabing the Daedra but I know he believes in me. That’s how we are. Manly friends.

TES – Red Riding Hood

Another Book of Daedra
What would be the story of the little red riding hood in The Edler Scrolls? Firt the wolf is not a wolf… I set the story in the Alessian period, a quite harsh time with straight religious minds.


“What about I bring Granny one of your delicious pies, mother?” Red Riding Hood proposed. “I am done with my work, if I leave in one hour or two I’ll be there before night and back in the morning.”
Her mother smiled. “This is a good idea, dear daughter. But promise me you will not leave the road and will talk to no one on your way, there are dangerous people out there.”
“Yes, mother, I know, all are guilty until they have proven themselves innocent. I will follow my way and won’t talk with anybody,” Red Riding Hood promised.


And so within one hour the pie was done and the daughter was gone. She went her way through the forest, following the road. As she had been walking for one hour or so without seeing anyone she heard some noise in the bushes. She screamed in terror when a mighty wolf came out.
“Wait, don’t scream,” the wolf said.
Red Riding Hood now screamed in horror as she heard the beast speaking.
“Please, don’t worry, I’m not a werewolf. I am just a poor man and I have been changed into a wolf… The only way for me to become human again is to pay my debt by helping people.”

Wild but not savage elves
[upate: pdf is up, excerpt below!]

Actually I think this book is the first I wrote since I began playing Skyrim… It’s about the Ayleid of course, the wild elves. I wrote this book in a single dash, very quickly but came with the theories inside during a RP session that lasted for a good time. There was lots lots of improvisation during the play but things just fit together on their own I guess. I hope you enjoy, I had a lot of fun writing this, especially since the character of Leon Vilmont isn’t as brave in life than he is with his quill (you know that kind of “shit happens” person?). Leon is part of the +200 characters I had to come up for this few months RP session and I really like him.

The text is a little long, barely formated like this, sorry… I used to make clean pdf. Then I took an arrow in the knee.
Next to come: another anuad and a series about male High Rock witches (vampires included) and another book of Daedra! And more again…


To begin with I will say simply that most scholars who study the Ayleids are idiots, and the ones who are surprised that so few information can be found about them, are twice this idiot. The only lesson my father actually taught me would resume this simply: History is written by the winners and men were the winners after Alessia led the rebellion that drove out the elves up to the foundation of our great and beloved Empire. Sadly back then humans were as stupid as most still are in some places I won’t name and they merely destroyed about everything that could give us any clue about the Ayleid civilisation they so loathed. They kept only what seemed good to them, they took the White Gold Tower, they settled their quarters in what was now the Imperial City, unaware of the might of the place, never even minding about the purpose of such a construction…
We figured out that the large stones that would raise to crush anything up the ceiling and the pierced ones that would descend to impale anything on spikes weren’t trigger as much by the pressure of weight but that of magical energy. So to say, anything alive or undead. If such a being ever walked on the trap their own energy would disturb the energy field of the trap and trigger it. You could compare those stones to the arrow hold by the archer as the bow is banded. If you tickle the archer at this precise moment — which I do not recommend just as I do not recommend walking into any trap; then the archer will likely let go the arrow. Note that eventually he’ll also get mad and beat you while the Ayleid trap has no such concerns.

Dunmer tactics of guerilla
[upate: pdf is up, excerpt below!]

I’m really thrilled by Skyrim though I haven’t played for over a week… I am so thrilled that I need to write and I want to take the time to enjoy the game slowly and fully. Also I’m on my internship and so I’m quite tired when I get back home at night. But I’m working on video games so I can’t complain!
I have several TES books in waiting to be proofread one last time before submission. For this first one I owe a lot to my girlfriend for the RP session we had setting in the middle of the war between Morrowind and Black Marsh after the Oblivion Crisis, it was a lot of fun and it inspired me a lot. I quickly came with this story, characters and it was done. I hope you enjoy as much as I had fun writing this.


“We should fight,” I said after drinking maybe a bit too much Sujamma that night.
“You are c-crazy, Sethyn, let’s leave the fight to Houses Indoril and Redoran…”
“You are the crazy one, Nerril, if you think they can defend us.There was already hardly a handful left of them since the civil war, the Oblivion crisis about wiped the Redoran and I won’t talk about the Argonians. The armed arm of Morrowind is no more.”
“Damn those lizards! When you think we fought that civil war because of them already! Damn Helseth and his trade ban to Oblivion! If Khajiits ever join in they’d better bring some moon sugar along!” Roran spat.
Maybe it was that drop of Skooma we droped in the bottle but I suddenly had an idea.
“Say, Roran, you’re good at conjuration, right?”
“Quite so, yes… Azura…”
“Yes, taught you the way in dream, spare us your story again. So you can conjure some Daedra, right? The ones that fly.”
He nodded. “Winged Twilights.”
“I’ve heard about the weird trees of the Argonians, trees that can move, I’ve heard they gathered along the border again. They say they’re leading the Argonians or stuff like that. Maybe that’s some invention of Sheogorath to trick us but what about we try to bypass those stupid lizards and attack directly the trees? You know what they say, it’s better to cut the evil at root…”
We all laughed until they realized I was serious despite the joke.