Children of Shame

This book was inspired by the different hints about crossbreeding found in Morrowind and Oblivion. I’m really planning to make a book mod when Skyrim is released (I’m saving book textures as you can see XD). I wouldn’t be against making it with other TES fan writers to produce more books at once…=)


Children of Shame
by Felix Beauciel

[…] But let’s get back to love, for love is not only about making love. I won’t dissert about the matter for it is already splendidly documented in all styles of writing, especially here in Bretonia. In society lovers usually marry and form a family and that is common thing. However that is true thing for people of a same kind. Marrying a member of another specie is just terribly seen and nearly impossible.


“I am a Breton, I am son of man and mer,”I told Tsahnarra, “there’s a taboo and like other taboos there must exist people who did cross its limits.”
“There shouldn’t be incest according to most but it exists indeed,” Tsahnarra laughed. “Go to Morrowind, it will be hard but you can find the most terrible answers over there, I am sure.”
I looked at her in disbelief, hoping I wasn’t guessing her thoughts. “I will not.”
“Of course you will for you are so curious, Tsahnarra knows,” she ensured. […]

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