I wrote this TES fanfiction in French first, something like one year ago and decided to translate it. Formated as an Elder Scrolls book it looks quite long but actually it’s only 5 pages long plus the illustrations! =D
The story sets in Morrowind and is written from a Khajiit female’s point of view. The first book is mostly about slavery in the mines of Caldera, the 3 other books of the series will come as I translate them.
Regarding the illustrations I kept the style quite naive and primitive and tried to make the drawings look a bit like they were carved in wood with feline claws. …Do you remember a note from the foremen threatening the Khajiit slaves who would scratch the furniture?


Var Var Var – Book I
by M’ahara

[…] M’ahara didn’t like this. She yet started to miss her home of Elsweyr. Now there was no more sand under her feet, only black earth, hard and dirty, melting into mud as the sky cries, staining her fur and sticking under her claws.
“Don’t be this sad…” one of the dark elves told M’ahara. “If it can make you feel better I’m offering you this bracelet of mine.” – As he said this the other elves laughed and the Khajiit thought maybe Dunmer had some sort of humor in the end.
“And don’t worry, everybody will get one…” The Dunmer added as he took some bracelets out of a bag. The jewels shone like nacre under the sun and M’ahara couldn’t help but shiver with envy. Of course no Khajiit was to refuse these gifts and all laid one of those marvels on the silky fur of their wrists. […]

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