A Dish Better Served Cold

The more news we get about Skyrim, the more the excitement grows. After reading Game Informer’s article Skyrim: Building Better Combat System I was fueled with energy again and decided to try out a series of fanarts and fanfictions focusing on the new features of the game.

After a first fanart inspired by the Dragon Shouts and the lyrics of Sons of Skyrim theme song, here comes a first fiction in the form of a drabble of the kind of books found in the games.


A Dish Better Served Cold
by Tovas Indalor

[…] “This land is property of Morrowind now?” Gaenlin laughed.
“Since yesterday, the Nords got drunk after their last victory and we couldn’t not to strike back and mess up the party…” Draven rolled his eyes. “And so, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to never put a foot back in Morrowind…”
Gaenlin’s smile vanished at these words. “How that?”
Draven’s smirk got wider. “Don’t you remember? It was the only way to spare your pretty treacherous face…”
The Bosmer struggled a moment to find his words. “…It was about thirty years ago! I know I shouldn’t have cheated on you and the rest of the band, but time has passed…”
The Dunmer kept still but Gaenlin could see in his firing eyes that the elf wasn’t over with this story. […]

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